Our Services

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ICT Consulting

We advocate the most effective solutions for your conditions and wish, keeping your ICT usage economical and up-to-date.

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Web Development

We design and construct various web presence; including site, portal, e-commerce and online concept for your product, brand or corporate image with flexible, secure and user-friendly content management system that makes updating easy for you.

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Multimedia Design

We provide a design service for your web needs. From plain and simple designs complete with short animations, all can be arranged to match your concept.

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Viral Marketing and Web Content

We control the content of your web or portal, supporting you with an update, maintenance, and strategic online advertising.

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Database Solution

We design and develop a database for your specific data and information management style or needs, using the latest technology. We are specialized and highly experienced in utilizing open source (FOSS) database PostgreSQL, MySQL and its derivatives tools such as MySQL Replication.

this is network management system logo

Network Management System

Why not let us do the monitoring while you do the business? We are very experienced in implementing the system for network monitoring and log system. You can choose the FOSS system (CACTI, Syslog-NG or others) or proprietary system (such as IPSWITCH WhatsUpGold) as you prefer.

This is software and app development logo

Software dan App Development

We construct an application for your operational needs; a fully integrated system, customized to match your brand’s need. This innovation will make development much easier, faster, structural and more reliable

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Network Development and Integration

We provide design and application of network for your operational needs such as Local Area Network or Wide Area Network, intranet, wireless, server setup (proxy server, firewall, file sharing, mail server, web server etc), both setup and configuration of MPLS, VoIP, video conference, etc. We are fully experienced in deploying FOSS project such as FreeBSD or Net BSD for Operating System for servers of any purpose, with the backup or Synchronize system as well. For Security System, we commonly use Smoothwall, m0n0wall, pfSense® and Squid Proxy. We also have the expertise to help you build, setup and upgrade your wireless. One of our recommendations for the FOSS firmware is DD-WRT.

This is maintenance and troubleshooting logo

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

We provide quick and efficient support along with all our other services. Your business is not IT, let us handle your IT needs. We have our own standard Service Level Agreement which can be customized to better suit your comfort.

We Can Develop Web and Application