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Network management system WhatsUpgold is the most intuitive, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions to a network of all sizes, from SMES to large enterprises. With powerful network discovery and mapping, real-time monitoring, comprehensive reporting,  air-tight security, and the industry’s leading alert management capabilities, you get complete visibility and control over your network — at the lowest possible TCO.

As the official representative of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold™ in Indonesia, let us assure you that the WhatsUp Gold™ core of network management solutions is the proven choice for organizations of all sizes and types that demand the highest level of network and application availability. With complete visibility into your networks and applications, you can make informed decisions based on actionable intelligence and gain complete control over your network infrastructure.

Additional Features

Monitor Windows, Linux, Apache, Java and custom applications. Use out-of-the-box profiles to assure that you meet your SLAs.

Automatically discover and leverage best practice monitoring profiles for applications, server services and processes. Easily create custom application profiles for your in-house applications. Record web transactions to generate scripts and monitor the response times of web-applications. Quickly isolate the root causes of performance problems.

Application Monitoring Network management system - Whatsup Gold

Support compliance requirements for HIPAA, SOX, FISMA and PCI DSS and other regulations.

Streamline configuration backup, archiving and restoration. Get alerted to and provide an audit trail for any changes to network device configurations, authorized or not. Simplify audit preparations with automated compliance reporting from out-of-the-box templates. Enforce policy monitoring on all changes and backups.

configuration management additional features from network management system - whatsupGold

Assure the performance of critical apps and services by gaining visibility into network bandwidth utilization.

Analyze flow records from Cisco NetFlow, NetFlow-Lite and NSEL, Juniper J-Flow, sFlow, and IPFIX protocols. Set threshold-based alerts to help enforce bandwidth usage policies. Generate top application reports using Cisco’s NBAR classification, and CBQoS reports on class-based policies.

traffic analysis dashboard additional features network management system - WhatsupGold

Get powerful visibility to physical, Hyper-V and VMware environments.

Discover, map, monitor, alert and report on VMware and Hyper-V performance, resource allocation and consumption for hosts and guests and clusters in your network.

virtualization monitoring Additional Features from network management system - whatsupGold

Get immediate value through comprehensive discovery.

Leverage powerful Layer 2/3 discovery. Generate a detailed interactive map of the core, Windows, wireless and virtual resources for an end-to-end view of your infrastructure.

automated-discovery additional features network management system - whatsupgold