An efficient and user-friendly web-based Learning Management System (LMS) application for your e-learning needs, simplifying your course management and documentation with customizable features. Some of our featured modules are:

  • User Privileges

    Different privileges for different users, allowing a clean and secure management and administration.

  • Multi-course

    Manage courses and subjects to suit your specific needs. Contents and administration can be accessed online, keeping teachers/instructors in touch with material management and schedules.

  • Simple SCORM Compliance

    Modules in compliance with SCORM standard, giving you audio-visual presentations as standard e-learning material.

  • Digital Library

    All materials open to students and/or teachers, including reference, e-book, presentation, publication, journals and more, stored in a database accessible online.

  • Interactive Learning

    eLena provides for online collaborative learning by way of discussion forums and chat feature on each and every subject. You can generate chat rooms as many as necessary and give teachers their own ‘online classes’.

  • Exam Bank and Online Quiz

    You can store and manage questions and answers for the purpose of automatically generating online exams, tests or quizzes. Multiple-choice answers will be randomized automatically. You can administer the time limit, number of question, and more.

  • SMS Center

    This feature serves as a one-way communication device from you to your e-learning participants, useful for distributing information such as schedules and news.

  • Trouble Ticket

    A personal helpdesk for e-learning participants.

  • Report

    Reports and statistics generated according to your specific needs (custom report) – in .html and/or spreadsheet format